Maintain or improve local conditions for nesting bird populations

Axelle Verdière
Axelle Verdière

Axelle Verdière

Axelle Verdière, 24 years old, studied biological sciences at the University of Louvain in Belgium. With a Master 2 degree, she specialized in organism biology and in ecology. She did an internship at the Réserve at the end of her studies.

Alice Aune

Alice Aune, a Master candidate in environmental studies as well as student at the political science institute, served as an intern at the Réserve Naturelle in June and July 2022, to work on the two France Relance projects. She has worked on the definition of ecological preservation professions and measures that should be put into place for the management of protected zones. This is a field of particular interest to her, in terms of her professional future.

Flora Pouzeau

Flora Plouzeau, a 21-year-old student, spent her summer vacation with the Réserve Naturelle, while getting her undergraduate degree in the management and protection of nature at Cours Diderot in Montpellier. Her task was to take the reins from Alice Aune to work on the France Relance project for the extermination of rats on the island of Tintamarre. She went on the field, prepared digital dossiers to manage the data online and analyse the statistics, with Aude Berger, head of the project.


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To maintain or improve local conditions for nesting bird populations

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