Action IP6 Contribute to the rehabilitation of coral reefs and sea grass beds

Improving The Quality Of Sea Water

The quality of the coastal and sea water is one of the preoccupations of the European Union, and benefits from a water framework directive (DCE), whose goals should be directed by all members of the union with an eye toward improving these waters. At the request of the DEAL (Direction for the environment, development, and housing) in Guadeloupe, the scientific department of the Réserve Naturelle participated on June 9 and 10, 2022 in a series of dives to evaluate the state of the health of the local coral and sea beds. On the coral reefs at Chico and Rocher Créole, the divers identified living species: coral, sponges, crustacean, sea urchins... And did the same for the animals living in the sea beds at Rocher Créole and Tintamarre. These evaluation dives are scheduled to take place regularly, on the basis of once per year . On the same dates, to test the physico-chemical quality of the water, the agents of the Réserve lent their logistical support for the collection of samples analyzed on-site and in the laboratory: temperature, salinity, PH, oxygenation, turbidity. These analyses will be renewed every two months. At the same time, the DEAL conducts conformity controls for water treatment plants, under the laws on water and the management of habitats and protected zones.

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To promote the conservation of seagrass beds and related marine plant species

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