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EDF Guadeloupe Supports The Réserve

In 2022, the Réserve Naturelle signed a new agreement with EDF Guadeloupe for the organization of the “Fête de la Nature”, which features explorations of marine eco-systems and milieux. This agreement is matched by a donation of 3,000 euros, destined for the purchase of pedagogical materials, such as a 3D printer, which will facilitate the fabrication of small animal figurines—sea turtle, dolphin, conch—that the students will be able to paint and keep.

May 18, 2022, Fête de la Nature at Galion, with a presentation of the Réserve’s eco-systems for 14 participants.
May 21, 2022, a morning hike on the Sentier des Froussards for a presentation on the wild flora and the invasive exotic species which are now present there.
May 21, 2022, to mark the 30th anniversary of LIFE BIODIV’OM, an afternoon presentation about the grouper protection project and underwater diving with virtual reality masks for 21 participants.

Agreement With The EDF Foundation

The EDF Foundation, whose objective is to support projects with a local impact, signed an agreement with the Réserve Naturelle, after the Réserve had submitted a dossier on the discovery of the coral reefs of Saint Martin. This donation, for the sum of 11,000 euros, will allow the Réserve to purchase new virtual reality masks, a camera with a 360° lens to create new videos, and new anatomic sculptures of sharks and other fish this time.

Sculpture anatomique d’un cachalot Anatomic Sculpture of a Sperm Whale
Sculpture anatomique d’un cachalot Anatomic Sculpture of a Sperm Whale

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