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The AGOA stand at the Fête of the Whale
Le stand de la réserve naturelle à la Fête de la baleine The Réserve Naturelle stand at the Fête of the Whale

The Réserve Naturelle At the “Fête Of The Whale”
The Réserve Naturelle accepted the invitation from the association Métimer (nautical professionals) to participate in the “Fête Of The Whale”, on Sunday, April 3, 2022. A total of 198 visitors stopped by the Réserve’s stand and especially liked the dives using a virtual reality mask into the underwater world of Saint Martin. The AGOA sanctuary for the protection of marine mammals was there, of course, and allowed people to listen to the songs of humpback whales The association, “My School, My Whale”, invited younger kids into their tent for various games featuring marine mammals. As for the Observatory for Marine Mammals of the Guadeloupean Archipelago (OMMAG), they made their documentation available to the visitors and responded to their questions. A conference, also for the younger kids, was led by Amandine Vaslet, representative of “My School, My Whale”, in Saint Martin, at the La Chapelle Theatre spectacles. Michel Vély, president of the association Megaptera, hosted adults the same evening in the same theatre for a lecture where the humpback whale played the starring role.

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