Action PA2 Educate the population about the protection of sea turtles (priority 1)

La piscine en chantier The swimming pool under repair
La piscine en chantier The swimming pool under repair

Construction Site Lectured On Protection Of Sea Turtles

At the request of GTM, the company in charge of the construction site for the renovation of the collective swimming pool at the Mont Vernon Residence, located in direct proximity to the egg-laying spot for sea turtles at Orient Bay, Julien Chalifour intervened again at the site to lecture the crews about the protection of sea turtles. The goal was to explain how the fragility of the island’s biodiversity could be impacted by this construction site and to suggest implementing a procedure and instructions on how to limit the assault on the flora and fauna at the site. He listed the precautions to take to prevent having turtles enter the site and to start ongoing surveillance to indicate the presence of turtles or traces of egg-laying activity. A point person was designated to stay in contact with the Réserve Naturelle.

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To promote the conservation of the sea turtle population

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