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Journal 43 - 2023

Réserve Naturelle de St-Martin

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Pierre Aliotti

The management association of the Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin is pleased to bring you up to date on our projects and activities since the beginning of 2023. This represents the fruit of hard work done by a salaried staff, as well as numerous collaborations with outside services.

In this issue, you will read about—among other subjects—the progress made by the ReCorEA project for the resilience of our coral, seagrass beds and mangroves, which will result in the overhaul and reinforcement of the mooring zone for the Réserve Naturelle. There is also an update on France Relance, concerning the installation of Biohuts in deteriorated marine zones, as well as rat control on Tintamarre in preparation to reintroduce Lesser Antilles iguanas.

These projects help achieve the goals set by the management of the Réserve Naturelle Nationale de Saint-Martin and we are proud of that achievement. We are also proud of the success met by our pedagogical department and its many different programs in the island’s schools.

You will also learn about two new nature applications : one to recognize and localize the flora and fauna on the island; and the other to contribute to the conservation of certain species—please download the apps before setting out on a hike.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our partners for their technical and financial support, which allows the Reserve’s management association to realize its three major objectives: manage, protect and showcase our natural heritage. We are here to promote the beauty of our island, the wealth of its flora and fauna, the characteristics of the many species or a milieu, and their importance for our quality of life and that of future generations. Our environment surrounds us and supports us at all times. We could not exist without it.

Réserve Naturelle de St-Martin

To promote the conservation of the coral reefs and related species

Plongée sur un massif de corail

Action CS1, CS3, PR2 et IP6

  • Updating the cartography
  • Develop and test the revitalization of coral and related species (priority 2)
  • Contribute to the rejuvenation of the coral reefs and seagrass beds
  • Develop and appreciate scientific collaborations (priority 1)

As part of the ReCorEA project launched by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) to monitor the resilience of coral reefs and their associated ecosystems (seagrass...+ infos

Enquête auprès d’un professionnel

Action CS3, IP6 et PR2

  • Develop and test the revitalization of coral and related species (priority 2)
  • Contribute to the rejuvenation of the coral reefs and seagrass beds
  • Develop and appreciate scientific collaborations (priority 1)

Two members of the Study Group For The Protection of Birds in French Guiana came to lend a hand to the management team at the Réserve Naturelle on April 22 and 29, 2023 to achieve two goals related to LIFE...+ infos

To promote the conservation of seagrass beds and related marine plant species


Action CS3

  • Develop and test rehabilitation programs for coral communities and associated species

Action CS7

  • Develop and test seagrass rehabilitation programs

A total of 40 Biohuts have been installed since 2022 thanks to financing through the France Relance plan at sites ranging from the Port of Galisbay, Fort Louis Marina, and the marina at Anse Marcel. Intended to alleviate the impact of man-made development along the coasts,...+ infos

Un habitat artificiel | An artificial habitat

Action CS7

  • Développer et tester des programmesde réhabilitation des herbiers

Le 15 février 2023, la réserve naturelle a accompli sa dernière prestation dans le cadre du contrat signé avec le port de commerce pour son conseil et son contrôle concernant l’installation de mouillages en baie de Marigot. Sept sites d’implantation d’habitats artificiels, au milieu des 75 bouées en place, ont été inspectés. Le parc a bien été installé et ces habitats sont colonisés...+ infos

To promote the conservation of the sea turtle population

Le site de l’émergence des bébés tortues a été protégé | The site of the baby turtles emergence has been protected

Action CS13

  • Follow the egg-laying activities of sea turtles (priority 1)

On March 1, the date when the sea turtle egg-laying season starts, the Réserve Naturelle was called to the beach in Anse Marcel, where the emergence of baby hawkbill turtles had been observed. It was necessary to protect dozens of hatchlings trying to reach the sea in a popular tourist area, without touching them but by answering the questions asked by swimmers who were extremely...+ infos

Requin-tigre | Tiger shark

Action CS3

  • Raise public awareness about shark protection
  • Supervise uses and attendance on high-stakes sites

Created after two consecutive shark attacks by what seems to be the same tiger shark in St Martin and St Kitts in 2000, the goal of the One Shark SXM project is to better understand the population of tiger sharks around Saint Martin, estimate their number, track their migrations, and catalogue their genetic profile. To do so, during...+ infos

To maintain or improve local conditions for nesting bird populations

Noddi brun | Brown Noddy

Action PR2

  • Develop and appreciate scientific collaborations (priority 1)

Action CS23, 24

  • Study of shore birds and their nesting habits

The Natural History Museum asked the Réserve Naturelle to be their go-between in Saint Martin. Antoine Chabrolle, advisor to the Museum and active with the National Network For Marine Birds, was particularly interested by the data produced concerning nesting marine birds, especially the least...+ infos

To maintain or improve local conditions for marine mammal populations

Piège à rat automatique |  Automatic rat trap

Action CS21

  • Follow the reproductive success of the brown noddy

An agreement between the DEAL and the management association for the Réserve Naturelle as part of the France Relance project to promote regulations controlling the population of small rodents on the small island of Tintamarre, concluded on December 31, 2022. The project consisted of two phases involving 150 traps (installed, baited, and regularly controlled and rearmed), which covered two-thirds of...+ infos

To maintain or improve the ecological health of the salt ponds

Le projet Biodiversity Nursery présenté au Conservatoire du littoral

Actions MS3, IP10, IP11

  • Study the installation of new walking paths
  • Restoring the ecological functioning
    of ponds
  • Replanting of damaged wetlands

Invited by the Conservatoire du Littoral, as there is an agreement delegating work on a parcel of land within the Réserve where the mangrove nursery is located in the edge of the Salines d’Orient, the Réserve Naturelle participated in the management board meeting...+ infos

Ashley Daniel, garde, à l’oeuvre dans la pépinière |Ashley Daniel, ranger, working in the mangrove nursery

Action IP11

  • Replanting of damaged wetlands

The mangrove nursery, created by the Réserve Naturelle on the edge of the Etang des Salines d’Orient after the damage caused by hurricane Irma, produced 3121 seeds for white mangroves in 2023. These seeds were first allowed to germinate, and their seedlings were planted in the mangrove.

The planting was done in collaboration with the company Seagrape Tours, with whom the AGRNSM signed an agreement in 2022. Two...+ infos

Key factors of success1 : Keeping an eye on the regulations and the level of human activities compatible with the goals of La Réserve


Action SP2​

  • Pursue and Strengthen Environmental Police Missions

In the first trimester of 2023, Police Department agents did 123 patrols at sea, 13 of which did not comply with regulations: non-declared commercial businesses, nocturnal mooring without authorization, and especially the discovery of six traps full of lobsters.

Note: Recreational boats wishing to spend the night at Tintamarre must request permission from the Réserve two days in advance...+ infos

Baie Longue

Action SP2

  • Pursue and Strengthen Environmental

In early June, an eco-volunteer for sea turtles reported repeated traffic of heavy construction machinery on the beach in Long Bay, the most important site on the French side where the sea turtles lay eggs; a site that has been protected since 2019 by a biotope protection decree.

On the beach, Julien Chalifour and Clément Bonnardel observed this ongoing use of machinery between the public parking lot and a...+ infos

Évolution de l’arrêté de chasse | Evolution Of Hunting Laws

Action MS8

  • Initiate a reflection on the evolution of regulations related to hunting

Julien Chalifour, expert consultant for the departmental hunting commission in Guadeloupe, participated in a meeting on April 16 to discuss current hunting regulations. The goal was to define which species should be taken into consideration by a new decree in order to increase their protection or exclude hunting zones, in a temporary or permanent way. This meeting was also an...+ infos

Ensuring environmental communication, awareness, and education

Le succès est au rendez-vous pour le pôle pédagogique | Big Success For The Pedagogical Department

Action PA5

  • Achieve pedagogical interventions in the scholastic environment (priority 1)

Victim of its own success, the pedagogical department has established agreements with new academic institutions, but was obliged to refuse some of the demands that flooded in.

The in-school programs are very appreciated by teachers as well as by students, and the school board loves them. Among the 38 themes on the roster, turtles, marine mammals, mangroves, pollution...+ infos

Conseil de la mer élargi le 31 mars 2023 | The expanded sea council on 31st March 2023

Action PA5

  • Achieve pedagogical interventions in the scholastic environment (priority 1)

Five classes from three schools are involved in the protection and management of the natural heritage of Educational Marine Zones: CM1 and CM2 classes from the Ecole Clair Saint-Maximin in French Quarter; CE1 and CM2 classes from the Happy School in Grand-Case; and a sixth-grade class from the Roche Gravée de Moho Middle School, French Quarter.

The middle-school...+ infos

Plantation de palétuviers | Mangrove plantation

Action PA6

  • Raise public awareness for the goals of the Reserve and our natural heritage

The Réserve Naturelle organized “Grouper Morning” at the Baie de l’Embouchure, on Saturday, 25th March 2023. The public was invited to a pop-up village with stands built for the occasion. Various activities were on the program: a presentation by Aude Berger about the Giant Grouper and the Nassau Grouper; a bird-watching walk led by Julien Chalifour; planting of mangroves at...+ infos

Control at Creole Rock | Contrôle au Rocher Créole

Action PA1

  • Train commercial operators carrying out their activity on the reserve

52 commercial businesses, 29 French and 23 foreign— primarily daily boat rental companies and dive clubs—have authorization to work within the Réserve Naturelle. On January 10 & 11, a number of these businesses geared to tourism accepted an invitation to meet with agents of the Réserve. The meeting went well, the businesses shared their expectations and their challenges, and...+ infos


Action PA6

  • Raise public awareness about the goals of the Reserve and our natural heritage

Using the Obsidentify app, it is now possible to automatically identify wild species of local flora and fauna, thanks to a new dedicated module. Created by the Dutch Caribbean Nature Association (DCNA) for all of the Dutch Caribbean islands—Sint Maarten, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao—the app is free and available in several languages.

Solicited...+ infos

Action PA6

  • Raise public awareness about the goals of the Reserve and our natural heritage

Everyone now has the possibility to share their observations of the fauna in Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy on the platform faune-SBSM.org and the NaturaList app, where one finds the nature lovers of these islands. The site includes a page with news about the fauna of the French West Indies, as well as a gateway to the scientific world, and a database that will be enriched...+ infos

Les sculptures animales en cours de finalisation | The animal sculptures under construction

Action MS20

  • Seeking new means of financing

Thanks to the EDF Foundation and the 11,000€ donation it made in 2022, the Réserve was able to expand its collection of life-size sculptural animals. A gray heron, a black-necked stilt, a great egret, and a brown pelican have joined the marine mammals, turtles, fish, and other birds in this interesting scientific menagerie.

These funds will also allow the Réserve to make new underwater films to be seen with the...+ infos

Optimizing management means

Alexina Paya

Action MS19

  • A Ensure accounting and administrative management

Hired on June 1, 2023 in an administrative management position, Alexina Paya ensures the overall management of the association’s activities. With a Master’s in Aquatic Ecosystem Dynamics, which she earned in 2003 at Université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour, she will participate in scientific activities, as well as terrestrial and marine development projects managed by the Réserve Naturelle. She has...+ infos

Réserve et douanes à Tintamarre | Reserve and customs in Tintamarre

Action PA6

  • Strengthen collaboration with institutions in charge of police

Inter-service activities, combining several surveillance structures help promote cohesion between staff members, prove to be essential during joint operations in the field. That’s how the nautical brigade of the gendarmerie and the customs agents work hand-in-hand at the Réserve Naturelle. The gendarmes, in addition to several patrols at sea aboard their boat, have contributed to...+ infos

Les deux gardes, Christopher Joe et Ashley Daniel / The two rangers, Christopher Joe and Ashley Daniel

Action CI10

  • Maintain beacons and moorings

On August 23 & 24, the mooring buoys and those that define the boundary of the Réserve Naturelle were repaired with the help of the nautical brigade from the gendarmerie. That includes 13 buoys at Tintamarre (up to 50 feet) and 12 at Rocher Créole (5 up to 50 feet, and 7 up to 35 feet).

Those who use the moorings are asked to respect the rules, such as:

  • The yellow buoys are for recreational
  • ...+ infos
Carla Martinez

Action MS21

  • A Ensure the recruitment, supervision and training of volunteers and interns

Carla Martinez, a first-year student in a nature management and protection course at the Aix-Valabre High School in Gardanne, France, did a two-month internship at the Réserve Naturelle from May 22 to July 12, 2023. Full of energy, she participated in all the activities of the Réserve, be it the monitoring of sea turtles, birds, and Biohuts, or academic activities in the...+ infos

Understanding and continual study of the natural heritage

Singe Vert - Green Monkey

Action PA6

  • Implement managements actions on stray species, invasive exotic species or their impacts

How many individuals are in the population of green monkeys in Saint Martin? The first report dates back at least 20 years and they have continued to multiply, especially close to urban zones on the Dutch side of the island, near residents of Guana Bay, Pointe Blanche, and Cole Bay. Hurricane Irma increased their dissemination, and they can now be seen...+ infos

Reinforcing local and regional commitment to the Réserve

Vincent Oliva sur le terrain / Vincent Oliva on the field

Action MS37

  • Participate in meetings, maintain and strengthen partnerships with regional and national networks

Pedagogical director Vincent Oliva has been solicited by the Association of French Réserves Naturelles (RNF) to join the board for Nature Education and Awareness (ESN). RNF now has an overseas representative on this commission, as it so desired. Vincent Oliva, as well as her counterpart Sarah Sellier, responsible for education and awareness for the...+ infos


Action MS36

  • Meet and discuss with managers of protected natural areas in the Lesser Antilles

On June 13, all of the members of the IFRECOR committee for the Caribbean basin met via video conference. Julien Chalifour represented the AGRNSM and shared the progress made by the ReCorEA program. It was also an opportunity to highlight the specific situation of the Collectivité de Saint-Martin, which has been very active in terms of preservation of its coral reefs,...+ infos

La réserve de Saint-Martin a reçu ses homologues anguillais  | The Saint Martin reserve received its Anguillian counterparts

Action PR2

  • Develop and appreciate scientific collaborations (priority 1)

Staff members from the Anguilla National Trust came to meet their counterparts from the Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin on March 13 and 14, 2023. Their schedule included a general presentation about the Réserve and a visit to the mangrove nursery located on the edge of the Salines d’Orient, before going to Terres Basses to see the site where the Réserve had recently identified a species...+ infos

L’AGRNSM reçue par la Anguilla National Trust The Saint Martin reserve welcomed by the Anguilla National Trust

Action PR2

  • Develop and appreciate scientific collaborations (priority 1)

Trust, Julien Chalifour and Aude Berger spent four days in Anguilla, June 13-16, 2023. They visited several scientific projects, such as the nursery for melliferous tree species created to preserve pollinating insects; the trees are then offered to the public. Other projects in Anguilla include: the preservation and restoration of salt ponds; removing rats from islets; management of the...+ infos


Pierre Aliotti

- Pierre Aliotti

Tel : +590 0690 72 61 51

Franck Roncuzzi

- Franck Roncuzzi

Responsable du pôle police de la nature et logistique, assermenté.

Alexina Paya

- Alexina Paya

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Julien Chalifour

- Julien Chalifour

Responsable du pôle scientifique, assermenté
Tel : +590 690 34 77 10

Vincent Oliva

- Vincent Oliva

Responsable du Pôle Education à l’environnement, assermenté.
Tel : +590 690 53 59 01

Aude Berger

- Aude Berger

Chef de projet LIFE BIODIV'OM - Pôle scientifique .
Tel : +590 690 50 71 54

Clement Bonnardel

- Clement Bonnardel

Chef de projet RECOREA - Pôle scientifique.
Tel : +590 690 50 71 67

Christophe Joe

- Christophe Joe

Garde animateur et technique, assermenté
Tel : +590 0690 50 71 77/br> reservenat.chris@yahoo.fr

Ashley Daniel

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Garde animateur et technique,
Tel : +590 690 50 71 80

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