Action C17 Follow the juvenile populations of rays and sharks

An Inventory Of Sharks

On January 18 and 20, the Réserve hosted Océane Beaufort, coordinator of ReGuar, a network for sharing information about sharks in the French West Indies, for a second data-gathering campaign about these animals in the coastal waters of Saint Martin. The goal was to create an inventory of these large fish by way of videos created by cameras that were installed, then recovered, at several sites. Various species were observed, including a hammerhead shark in the waters in and outside of the Réserve. The results, financed as part of the Pou Pwoteksion Rékin Karib program with European support (BEST4Life), will be evaluated as part of a program funded by the prefecture to manage the risk of sharks in Saint Martin.

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To promote the conservation of nurseries for sharks and rays

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