Action PA5 Achieve pedagogical interventions in the scholastic environment (priority 1)

The Education Department Continues To Grow

Between January and June 2022, the Réserve signed three new agreements: two with elementary schools Marie-Emilie Leydet and Jean de la Fontaine; and the third with the association Cobraced. When school started in fall of 2022, 17 schools and nine associations had ongoing agreements with the Réserve Naturelle. These agreements align these partners with the Réserve, which in turn presents free presentations, in the classroom and in the field, both for students and socially troubled youngsters. These presentations are then, on the other hand, billed to the training centers which made the request, except in the case of disadvantaged populations.

In the first six months of 2022, the education department provided 200 academic presentations.

During the last advisory committee meeting, Vincent Oliva expressed his concern about the high level of requests for these programs, as he is the only person to present them. The DEAL suggested that he submit a request for a supplemental post, which could be split between the educational and scientific departments.

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