LIFE: A Project Protecting Land Lizards

L’anolis d’Anguilla The anole from Anguilla
L’anolis d’Anguilla The anole from Anguilla

Every year, Europe asks its member to suggest projects that can be supported by LIFE, a financial instrument to fund initiatives that are positive for nature, the environment, and the climate. Since the summer of 2022, the scientific department of the Réserve has participated in video conferences—most notably with the National Forestry Office (ONF) and the Herpetological Society of France (SHF), as well as other partners on other islands— whose goal is to present a proposition to the LIFE program for the protection of protected land lizards in the French West Indies. These reptiles include the skink, the grass snake, the iguana delicatissima, the anole, the gecko... The idea is to contribute to the conservation of these populations by creating actions for increasing knowledge, management, and regulation of invasive exotic species, as well as creating public awareness for those who disregard and underestimate the value of our natural heritage. The LIFE funds provide a unique opportunity, without which such major and decisive actions for nature conservation would not be possible on the territorial level.

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Better Knowledge About Protected Areas And Protected Species

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