Caribbean Institute for Insular Biodiversity of Saint Martin (ICBI)


Supported by the management association of La Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin and included in its 2018-2027 management plan, the ICBI is moving forward. Following a public inquiry led by the prefecture in Saint-Martin at the end of 2020, Nicolas Maslach presented this ambitious project to the island’s public authorities. The Collectivité, The Economic, Social, and Cultural Council, The Inter-Professional Consular Chamber; The Neighborhood Council of Grand-Case, The Territorial Urbanism Commission, and the Territorial Council of the Collectivité voted unanimously in favor of ICBI as a project of general interest for the island! Pleased with this decision, Nicolas Maslach continues to promote the Institute, particularly in his search for financial partners. The Institute already benefits from the support of the FEDER for its research and innovation divisions, which will be developed once it opens.

The ICBI In The Management Plan

The ICBI (Caribbean Institute for Insular Biodiversity) project included in the 2018-2027 management plan was validated by the advisory committee of La Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin in 2013 and 2014. It meets several of the anticipated goals and activities within the management plan, as explained down below :

  • Reflect on possible interventions by the management association as a service provider for the preservation of the island’s natural heritage within the framework of the ICBI.
  • Establish the “Maison de la Réserve” within the framework of the ICBI.
  • Use the RN as a vehicle to promote our natural heritage, and for eco-tourism.
  • Improvements that will better showcase the RNN’s geological, cultural, and archeological heritage.
  • Improvements in the reception of the public.
  • Highlight the activities and the natural heritage of the RNN within the framework of the ICBI

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