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Lambi - Conch
Lambi - Conch

Develop a tool to identify the provenance of conch

From March 30-April 1, La Réserve Naturelle hosted Julien Lopez-Pardo, from the technical knowledge unit at the OFB in Guadeloupe. His mission concerned an isotopic method of detecting the origin of conch. The agents of La Réserve Naturelle provided logisical support for this mission, at the sites of Grand-Case and Orient Bay, where they dove from the reserve’s boat to capture 40 conchs. The hope of the OFB is to create a standardized control test to determine where the conchs were captured. The goal is that this new control tool would engender better management of the conch populations in the French West Indies. At this time, only the presentation of invoices indicate the country of origin for the conch when sold.

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