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Panneaux solaires sur l’îlet Pinel - Solar Panels on Pinel Islet
Panneaux solaires sur l’îlet Pinel - Solar Panels on Pinel Islet
  • On April 15, 2021, Julien Chalifour was the civil party in the judgment of S.L. in the criminal court and requested 1 euro in damages and interest. In October 2020, when S. L. was on a scooter and caused a traffic jam on the road in Cul-de-Sac. When drivers on the road started honking with impatience, he decided to make a fast u-turn against two lanes of traffic, causing Chalifour to slam on his brakes to avoid him. Rather agitated, S. L. – who had just recognized the agent as the one who had caught him in the act of illegal fishing in the natural reserve a few months earlier – moved alongside the car to threaten, insult, and use physical violence against Chalifour and the vehicle belonging to La Réserve. Absent from the hearing, S.L. was judged guilty of the charges.
  • The manager of a restaurant on Pinel was reported for three infractions of the environmental code, after the installation of solar panels on a surface of 115 square meters, protected within La Réserve Naturelle. The management association of La Réserve Naturelle blamed him for having modified the appearance of a national natural reserve without permission, for not having informed the management association about this work, and not respecting the formal notice issued by La Réserve Naturelle. This report, relating to the environmental code — and not the urbanism code, like other infractions on Pinel— has been sent to the prosecutor.
  • plane from the Grand-Case Air Club was reported for flying over the island of Tintamarre and trying to land there.
  • A gyrocopter was also reported for flying over Tintamarre. The pilots of these aircrafts were called before the prosecutor and reminded of the letter of the law.
  • La Réserve has reinforced surveillance on the 20-meter strip of water closest to the coastline, as this zone is forbidden by prefectural decree to mooring with an anchor.
  • A semi-rigid boat was seized by La Réserve at the Salines d’Orient salt pond, where it was found abandoned on the shore. It has been stored by La Réserve.
  • On May 10, 2021, La Réserve seized a fish net and a trap that were found at the mouth of the Etang aux Poissons.

L’avion de l’aéroclub de Grand-Case survolant Tintamarre The plane from the Grand-Case Air Club flying over TintamarreLe canot saisi par la réserve naturelle The boat seized by La Réserve NaturelleUn filet saisi par la réserve - Fish net seized by the reserve

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