Action CC1, CI1, and CI2 Establish mooring zones close to coral reefs and underwater plant beds, and create areas for public use at these sites

Bateaux au mouillage sauvage devant l’îlet Pinel - Illegal mooring of boats at the island of Pinel
Bateaux au mouillage sauvage devant l’îlet Pinel - Illegal mooring of boats at the island of Pinel

Installation of ecological moorings

The project to install ecological moorings, notably at Pinel, Tintamarre, Rocher Créole, and other protected sites, was presented by Nicolas Maslach. In explaining this strategy, the director of La Réserve put an accent on the fact that in a protected marine zone, much less in a national natural reserve, the management of moorings and the development of the nautical sector and related economic opportunities should not take place at the detriment of the protection of our biodiversity. In addition, the marine sites of La Réserve Naturelle are not designed to fill the need for additional berths at marinas or the costs of places at the dock. And we are forced to admit, that in spite of the presence of moorings that have been installed for many years at sites within La Réserve Naturelle’s marine park, there are too many boats and sailors that still use their anchors. This will no longer be acceptable, as is already the case in Les Saintes, at Petite-Terre, and elsewhere in the region. The idea is not to forbid use, but to offer better service for those who use these sites that are already popular, and to limit the use at sites little or not used. Maslach added that this strategy is not intended to meet the need for moorings, which is ever increasing. The sites will be equipped with mooring plan that reflects their ecological specificities and how many boats they can handle. In the end, the Réserve hopes to install 125 ecological moorings by the end of 2021, primarily at sites at Pinel, Tintamarre, and Rocher Créole. An online application will be available for those who wish to spend the night aboard their boat at these sites within La Réserve Naturelle. Reservations are obligatory and can be made via a smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi: payment will be requested based on the number of people aboard, the length of the stay, the size of the boat, and its technical specifications. The fees paid will allow the management of La Réserve Naturelle to maintain these installations.

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