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A Beneficial CSTPN Meeting

On March 25, 2021, a video conference was held for the members of the Territorial Scientific and Natural Heritage Council (CSTPN). Composed of 19 scientists, this group provides advisory opinions related to the conservation of the natural heritage of the island, and particularly on the impact of development projects on protected species. Michel Vély, chairman of the association Megaptera, is the president, and his vice-president is Julien Chalifour, head of the scientific division of La Réserve Naturelle. Aude Kubik presented the management strategy for exotic invasive species, those species introduced by humans, and which have a negative impact on our biodiversity. She noted that the issue in Saint Martin is that much of its merchandise arrives via the Dutch side and is not controlled, and that the regulations are different between the two sides of the island. Antoine Lechevalier presented the Sea Basin Strategy Document (DSB). After this presentation, the CSTPN decided to make a motion and amend the DSB by the CSRPN in Guadeloupe and in Martinique. These three scientific councils deplore the weakness of the current proposal and that they were not asked to offer an opinion. They also regret the absence of pragmatic goals that are applicable and actually operational. Concerning the territorial contribution of Guadeloupe and Saint Martin to the national strategy for biodiversity, certain members proposed to post complementary information relative to comments made by the CSTPN, which can be consulted online for a period of two weeks. The consulting firm ARDOPS, hired by the AGRNSM as part of a collaboration with French governmental services, submitted a request for authorization to remove certain lizards as part of a study to create an inventory of native and exotic species in Saint Martin. This study, financed by the DEAL, will be led by the consulting firm in collaboration with the service of Karl Questel (ATE Saint Barth), to get started on the division of these species between the French side and Dutch side of the island. Aude Berger presented the Life Biodiv’OM project and its goal of creating an Important Zone for the Conservation of Birds (ZICO).

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