The Reserve gains momentum


The reorganization within the Nature Reserve was presented to the Advisory Committee members.

After having set up the governing body of Mayotte’s Natural Marine Park and put into place the first management steps of the AGOA Sanctuary to protect marine mammals in the French Antilles, Nicolas Maslach returned, on May 26th, to his position as Conservation Director of the Nature Reserve.

With the regular growth in the strength of its missions, Nicolas Maslach wishes to optimize its actions around four key areas of expertise:

  • A Police Division for nature and logistics entrusted to Franck Roncuzzi with the support of the two rangers
  • A Regional Cooperation Division and environmental education managed by Romain Renoux.
  • A Scientific Division led by Julien Chalifour.
  • A Planning and Environmental Engineering Division run by Beatrice Galdi, Project Manager for the Conservatoire du Littoral.

Each division would have the task of optimizing its respective actions and results within the frame of the program defined in the Reserve’s Management Plan.

At the same time a partnership is being set up with the French Marine Protected Areas Agency to create a branch of the AGOA Sanctuary in the Northern Islands, for which representation has be entrusted to Romain Renoux, who will also be responsible for reinforcing CAR-SPAW actions in Saint-Martin.
The Regional Activity Centre implements the protocol signed in 1983 by 37 states and territories relating to zones and to specially protected wildlife in the Caribbean area, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean Sea.

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