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Projet pôle d’excellence en recherche, environnement et écotourisme de Saint-Martin
Nature Reserve’s Head Office Project

Since returning to the position of Director at the reserve, Nicolas Maslach has been working on the realization of the Nature Reserve’s Head Office, a project included in the Management Plan and submitted for approval to the Advisory Committee members. In order to establish the Headquarters at the Reserve, this ambitious program would entail the creation of a center of expertise for research, environment and ecotourism in Saint-Martin. And through this center, our island would acquire skills and knowledge to innovate ecosystem management, create channels for economic development focused on fishing and aquaculture, and implement environmentrelated training programs: eco tour guides on land and at sea, nature police, marine trades, optimization of eco-tourism projects... It will also be necessary to discuss the tools needed to set up partnerships with research centers and universities throughout the Caribbean. This infrastructure will thus improve the scientific knowledge of our natural environment; promote technological innovation for the protection, conservation and sustainable development of our country.

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