Pinel: one hectare of dry forest goes up in smoke

Pinel Incendie
Fire in Pinel

On March 29th, two days before Easter, a hectare of dry forest on Pinel Island was reduced to a pile of ashes because of an unauthorized barbecue. The efficient intervention from the firefighters helped to limit the damage, but it is really unfortunate that the anonymous culprit did not comply with the ban on lighting fires in the reserve and did not use the fire points installed by guards on the island. A meeting is planned at the Prefecture between the Firefighters and the Reserve Officers to improve their response capacity in the event of a possible fire. The Reserve will strive to educate the public better about fire risks before Easter, traditionally celebrated with camping on beaches. Plus signboards that clearly indicate the ban against lighting fires will be put up on the Reserve’s beaches. The police have opened an investigation into the exact cause of the fire.

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