AGOA: perfect weather for observing marine mammals

Dauphin Tursiops truncatus
Dauphin Tursiops truncatus

From March 5th to 11th, the Nature Reserve was on the water participating in the third mission of marine mammal monitoring organized by the AGOA sanctuary. Two catamarans hosted teams from Saint-Martin, St. Barts, Anguilla, Saba and St. Eustatius, as well as two experts in marine mammals, one from the US and the other from Canada, stationed on the island of Dominica. The idea of this monitoring is to determine the distribution and abundance of marine mammals in the waters of the Îles du Nord and from the Saba plateau; and the ideal weather conditions resulted in numerous observations. The presence of sperm whales was confirmed, both in the rainy and dry season, many humpback whales were also identified, as well as several dolphin species. These shared missions with other managers of marine protected areas help to strengthen regional cooperation and promote fruitful discussions about each manager’s management practices. Having been a partner since the very beginning, the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve is now positioned as the key referent of the AGOA program in the Îles du Nord in terms of expertise and know-how.

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