Welcome Olivier!

Olivier Raynaud
Olivier Raynaud

Please welcome Olivier Raynaud to Saint Martin! The new head of land use and site development for the Saint Martin and St Barthélemy branch of the Conservatoire du Littoral has enthusiastically taken over the role of Béatrice Galdi. With a masters degree in public management of the environment and a specialist in the administration of new projects and protection initiatives, the CV of this young yet brilliant scientist is already seasoned having served in Martinique, Madagascar, Comoros, and handled a study biodiversity and the fight against the invasion of Crazy Yellow Ants on Johnston Atoll, in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. The entire staff of the Réserve Naturelle is pleased to welcome him aboard and support his efforts.

Four territorial police take nature courses

Like two of their colleagues who took a week of nature training in June 2014, four new territorial police recently commissioned will spend time in other services such as the gendarmerie, the PAF, and the Réserve Naturelle. They will work with the Réserve to get acquainted in the field with all of work done by nature police: patrols with the guards, application of the environmental code, public awareness, knowledge of protected species…

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