Repairing the trail at Cul-de-Sac

Le sentier était interdit avant les réparations
The trail was closed before repairs were completed

The discovery trail at the Etang de la Barrière in Cul-de- Sac suffered from the lashing winds of hurricane Gonzalo and several vertical panels of wood were found on the ground. Nothing too serious so the Conservatoire asked for an estimate and it will take one week of work before the trail is once again ready to welcome those who are curious enough to discover the numerous birds that visit the pond. The bird observation points at Lucas Bay and by the Etang du Cimetière in Grand Case were able to resist the force of Gonzalo.

The Réserve at the Fête de la Science

The Réserve Naturelle actively participated at the Fête de la Science, held at the Northern Island High School on Thursday, November 27, examining the theme of “knowledge of spaces and species, protected or not.” Nicolas Maslach and Romain Renoux answered all of the students’ questions and taught them about the importance of protecting our biodiversity.

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