Coralita shipwreck finally removed

Beau travail de la pelle mécanique
A hard work by the mechanical shovel

Finally! Almost 20 years after it sank not far from the Coralita site, a sailboat damaged by hurricane Luis in September 1995 has been dismantled and transported to the eco-site at Grandes Cayes. It was necessary to wait for the death of the owner, who had been ordered by the court to remove his boat but didn’t have the means to do so, allowing the Conservatoire du Littoral to legally proceed in removing the remains of the vessel. With a hand from Verde SXM, the management company for the eco-site, a 22-ton mechanical shovel was used to cut the boat in two before it could be removed. A much-needed cleanup of the beach, which had been polluted, followed this maneuver.

La plage nettoyée après l’enlèvement de l’épave Beach clean up after the removal of the shipwreckL’épave échouée depuis 1995 A ship that sank in 1995

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Restoration Of Degraded Areas And Populations

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