More land acquired at Babit Point

Cette maison en ruines sera détruite en 2015
The ruins of this house will be demolished in 2015

After the acquisition of three pieces of land in 2013 at Babit Point, the Conservatoire completed amiable negotiations with the Association Syndicale Libre of Oyster Pond (ASLOP) in October 2014 to acquire the three remaining pieces of land that now make the Conservatoire the sole owner of the site. This acquisition serves as a guarantee for the residents of Oyster Pond that this beautiful landscape will remain natural and undeveloped. As part of the rejuvenation of the site, the ruins of a house that are an eyesore will be subject to a removal of asbestos in early 2015, before the structure is demolished. In coordination with the local residents, the next step will be the creation of a botanic trail open to the public, with an observation point, as well as an overall replanting of the vegetation at Babit Point.

Halophilia gaining territory

The Halophilia stipulacea marine plant are gaining ground: this invasive species has an important presence in the Simpson Bay lagoon, where it was introduced into the environment by boat anchors. It is currently increasing around Long Bay, where a long, thick band was observed by Julien Chalifour, not only on sandy land where there is no other vegetation, but also mixed in with the existing sea grass, which is more alarming. This evolution should be monitored, and the Réserve encourages everyone to please report any observations of this algae (location, depth, mono-specific or not) and to provide photographic documentation.

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Managing The Impact Of Human Activities In Protected Areas

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