Fewer sea turtle eggs in 2014

Traces laissées dans le sable par une tortue venue pondre .
Traces left in the sand by a sea turtle that has laid its eggs

Turtle brigade of the Réserve presents its annual report. More than 653 patrols were reported on at least 10 beaches on the island, with 249 traces of sea turtles returning to the place they were born to lay their eggs. Yet this number is a little deceiving. 2014 was considered as “a year of the turtle” as the reproductive cycle for sea turtles hits a peak every two years. In 2012, 185 traces of egg laying were noted by 529 patrols, or almost as many traces yet many fewer patrols. In comparison, there were 277 traces for 1,018 in 2013. Once again, this trend does not necessarily translate to the number of adult turtles present in the sea as they do not lay eggs every year, but rather every two or three years. A special thanks to the increasing number of eco-volunteers who respond to the requests of the Réserve.

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