Action PA8 : Participating in local events

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Sea Discovery Day
Sea Discovery Day

The Réserve at Sea Discovery Day…

As it is every year, the Réserve Naturelle took part in Sea Discovery Day, organized by Métimer, the association of nautical professionals, on November 27, 2019. A total of 230 kids among the most disadvantaged on the island, were able to discover the joys of navigation aboard boats provided by sponsors of the association. After landing on the small island of Tintamare, these kids were able to enjoy swimming and aquatic games, as well as a long walk with the team from the Réserve, to teach them about the fragility of the ecosystems.

… And at the Heineken Regatta

Once again this year, the Réserve Naturelle worked with the organizers of the Heineken Regatta to help build awareness about the protection of marine mammals during this event that is held the first weekend in March. The Réserve intervened the day before the start of the regatta to share the same message at the race briefing. In connection with the Agoa sanctuary, before each race, the Réserve Naturelle made sure that no marine mammal would cross the path of one of the large sailboats taking part in this renowned regatta.

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