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Le guide et l’application mobile
Le guide et l’application mobile

A guide to restore and revitalize the mangrove

A technical guide titled “The Restoration Of The Mangrove” and a mobile application intended to facilitate the work of the managers of humid zones, both created by the Resource Center For Wetlands, were presented to Julien Chalifour an Christophe Joe, respectively in charge of the scientific office and the guards at the Réserve Naturelle, as well as to the National Forests Office, the National Office For Hunting and Wildlife, several environmental associations, and the managers of wetlands in the French Caribbean islands. The French committee of the International Union For Conservation of Nature hosted training in Guadeloupe on the restoration and revitalization of the mangrove on November 18 and 19. The technical guide presents the results of existing experience in mangrove restoration and the associated techniques, with drawings and tables. For the Réserve Naturelle, it is important that this guide is widely read and that the practices it recommends are collectively accepted, seeing that the Réserve was refused financing on the grounds that the use of a nursery was inappropriate in the case of restoring the mangrove. But that reasoning is contradicted in this technical guide, which establishes the efficiency of nurseries in the case where natural regeneration of the mangroves is impossible or insufficient, due to lack of trees and the absence of seeds, especially after the passage of a particularly strong hurricane.

Also presented during this atelier was the Avoid-Reduce-Compensate approach, which targets zero loss, or even a gain, in biodiversity, especially when a construction project impacts the biodiversity of an island. For example, the Grand Port Maritime of Guadeloupe finances studies of marine mammals and other subjects, which do not directly constitute compensation, but add to the knowledge accompanying other measures of reparation from inevitable impact on the environment.

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