Action MS32 : Making the RN a vehicle for the promotion of our natural heritage and ecotourism.

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Perspective de l’espace scénique - Section rendering of the interior
Perspective de l’espace scénique - Section rendering of the interior

3 questions for Véronique Descharrières

How would you describe the building in just a few sentences?

What do you consider to be the purpose of the ICBI?

The Caribbean Institute For Insular Biodiversity is a tool in the arsenal for the future development of Saint Martin, to help define strategies based on ecotourism, sustainable development, university and scientific research, social development through the creation of jobs, economic development, and regional and international cooperation. This project proves the principle that buildings and living creatures are inevitably linked, and that it is possible to produce environments that satisfy all of the various sectors of the population, all while guaranteeing the protection of our biodiversity.

What impact did hurricane Irma have on this project?

With Irma, Saint Martin felt the reality of climate change. As a result, we reinforced the strength of the building by raising the ground floor and by creating a post-hurricane safety system to guarantee the autonomy of the Institute and reinforce the protective role of the gardens. We also worked closely with the Réserve Naturelle so that the site strongly demonstrates the force of climatic events, the fragility of the biodiversity, and the need for protection, primarily through large-format 3D displays, in which visitors will be virtually immerged.

How would you describe the building in just a few sentences?

Built on stilts, the building will serve to welcome the public to its galleries and host scientific researchers in designated professional spaces. The structure extends to the exterior by way of bridges and pathways that allows access to small spaces for bird watching. All along the promenade that overlooks the mangrove and links the Institute to the sea, piers on stilts preserve the natural character of the shore, and provide places that are perfect for observation and contemplation with their panoramic views of the Réserve Naturelle.

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