Action PA6 : Raise public awareness for the goals of the Réserve and our natural heritage

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Plongée virtuelle

Virtual diving in the Réserve Naturelle

Accompanied by the NGO, Blue Finance, the Réserve Naturelle has launched a virtual reality project designed to allow the public to discover the underwater milieu that is protected. Equipped with virtual-reality helmets, participants find themselves submerged and surrounded by coral, sea grass beds, and can discover underwater flora and fauna as if they were actually diving. The event is itinerant and was hosted in its initial phase by the Hommage Hotel at Nettle Bay, then at SXM Music Festival, before being put on hold in early March with the confinement of the population. The goal of Blue Finance is to put its expertise and its experience to work in the financing of sustainable management for protected marine areas (MPA). It hopes to improve the management of at least 20 MPA’s by 2030, as well-managed, well-financed MPA’s are considered one of the most effective tools to reduce local threats to marine diversity.

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Ensuring environmental communication, awareness, and education

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