Two new sea turtle experts

Successful evening outing for the ranger Christophe Joe

Julien Chalifour, scientific director of the Réserve, and ranger Christophe Joe are now authorized to band, measure, and handle sea turtles, which are a protected species.
Both men went to Marie Galante for training offered by The National Game and Wildlife Agency (ONCFS) and run by Éric Delcroix, coordinator of the regional sea turtle network in Guadeloupe.
From June 18-21, they participated in three evening outings, between 9pm and 3am, to look for tracks of turtles in egg-laying mode.
They counted and identified the species of each turtle and whether it successfully laid its eggs or returned to the sea.
Each placed two bands on turtles and measured their shells, while procuring a small piece of flesh for DNA analysis.
These actions were taken while the turtles were depositing their eggs, at which time they are almost in a trance-like state.
The bands have a personalized identification number, which allows us to know over time, among other things, if the turtle is faithful to the same spot where it has already been observed, and to monitor its growth.

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