Découverte de la Réserve, à terre et sous l’eau

After taken the Sentier des Froussards and hiked as far as Cactus Place, eight kids from the island on a school trip spent time picking up trash on the beach in Grandes Cayes, where they filled 22 trash bags. Donnie Arey, a professional American basketball coach, lent a big hand, along with the rangers of the Réserve. This excursion was organized on May 9 at the request of the gendarmerie’s brigade for the prevention of juvenile delinquency, as one of its ongoing activities.


On May 30, approximately 20 junior high school students from French Quarter took their first dive with air tanks at the Remorqueur dive site, in the waters off the coast of Tintamare. Enthusiastic about this initiation to diving organized by Bubbles dive club and junior high teachers, the kids continued with a hike on Tintamare, where they discovered the flora and protected sites on this little island, in the company of rangers of the Réserve.

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