Birds on exhibition

Marie-Estelle Voisin-Wünschendorff et Romain Renoux

The Tuesday, June 26 opening of an exhibit of work by Marie-Estelle Voisin-Wünschendorff at the Galerie Tropismes in Grand Case was a rousing success.
Passionate about nature and environmental protection, Voisin-Wünschendorff is also a talented artist as seen in drawings she made of 50 different birds she discovered in Saint Martin.
 It is possible to see the entire collection of this work in the booklet, “Saint Martin As The Bird Flies,” for sale in bookstores on the island.
Each drawing is accompanied with information about the bird and its behavior, as well as the best time to observe each one, and its reproductive season.
The Réserve Naturelle and the Littoral Conservancy are sponsors of this handsome little book and thank Paul Elliott Thuleau for hosting this exhibit.

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