Scandalous pollution in Orient Bay

L’ouverture mécanique de l’étang...
The mechanical opening of the pond...

On May 21, 2012, the mechanical opening of the Chevrise salt pond to the sea, right after heavy rains, provoked major pollution in Orient Bay, hot spot of the local tourism.

Thanks to eyewitnesses, the Réserve was able to confirm that a machine was used to open a passage from the pond to the sea.

A formal complaint was lodged by a ranger against the suspect for breach of the law, and an administrative inquiry in underway.

The ranger has a special commissioning, giving him the same power as the police in terms of fishing, as well as throwing refuse into the sea, and all other infractions of the regulations in the maritime domain, both inside and outside of the Réserve.
Unauthorized execution of work that is harmful to the flow of waters or the aquatic environment is an offense under the environmental code.

This offense can lead to two years in prison and a fine of 18,000 euros.

Let us not forget that the Réserve naturelle is in favour of a planned and supervised opening of the ponds to the sea, to ensure the ecological continuity of these environments.

Massive pollution in Orient Beach

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