Get rid of sargassum, but respect the turtles

La baie de Cul-de-Sac envahie par les sargasses
The bay of Cul-de-Sac invaded by sargassum

How to deal with sargussum seaweed without causing harm to the environment, and especially the egg-laying milieu of sea turtles?

That was the theme of the training provided to the green brigades on October 21, 2015 by the scientific office of the Réserve Naturelle. The creation of these brigades responds to the problems caused by the sargassum, which led to a new collaboration between the Prefecture, the Collectivité, and the Réserve Naturelle. Two groups of 12 young brigadiers accompanied by their supervisors where brought up to speed on the most ecological strategy to collect the seaweed and dispose of it. They first learned about the biology of sea turtles and their life cycles, as well as how to eventually use machinery without destroying the turtles’ nests, and where it is best to stock the sargassum while draining it, far from the nests. Julien Chalifour explained that there are two types of algae, in which little fish, tiny shrimp, small slugs, and especially small jellyfish and other salt water organisms. It is important not to touch the animal colonies that resemble flowers, as they sting.

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