A win-win proposition

L’étang de la Barrière | The Barrière pond
L’étang de la Barrière | The Barrière pond

The Conservatoire, which owns two pieces of land
that are needed by the Collectivity for the construction of the new Quartier d’Orléans water treatment plant (STEP), has proposed exchanging part of this land for a natural site located along the banks of the Etang de la Barrière in Cul-de-Sac, that belongs to the Collectivity. The exchange is a win-win proposition: the future STEP, designed to treat the wastewater of 18,000 residents, needs the largest possible tract of land; and the Conservatoire would be able to have jurisdiction for the banks of the pond. This solution, while totally logical, is not possible today at any of the salt ponds, as the property of the Conservatoire is limited to the waters of the 14 ponds they manage.

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