Fewer rats and mice on Pinel and Tintamare

A total of 54 rats were trapped in two weeks on Tintamare as well as 23 rats and 6 mice in one week on Pinel, during a special campaign to capture them held in July 2015. These numbers are lower than those of a similar operation in 2013, during which 268 rats were killed on Tintamare, and 78 rats and 41 mice on Pinel. The reduction of food due to drought conditions is a probable cause for the reduced presence of these rodents on the two islands. At the same time, on Pinel, the restaurateurs have been better treating their garbage and discarded food and act on their side to regulate the population of rodents. Non-indigenous species, rats and mice love the eggs of birds and sea turtles. On Tintamare, the rats attack the gaïacs, as they like the seeds. This project, coordinated by the Réserve, was made possible thanks to the work of interns Nathan Leroy and Thierry Mordon- Constant.

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