Three islands in a videoconference

As part of a videoconference, Yvon Combes, president of the management council for Agoa in Guadeloupe; Amandine Eynaudi, representative of the Agoa sanctuary for the Agency of Protected Marine Areas in Guadeloupe, and Stéphane Jérémie, president of the association, Sepanmar, in Martinique, were able to exchange ideas with Ramona Connor, vice president of the Agoa management council, Romain Renoux, correspondent for Agoa in Saint Martin, and Stéphane Mazurier, member of the board and a boat rental company owner, who were together at the prefecture of Saint Martin on September 25, 2015. The goal was to go over the cooperative activities led by Agoa in the past, as well as clarify the protected area’s institutional status, between the Cartagena convention signed by the majority of Caribbean states in 1983 for the protection of marine sites in the region, and the CAR-SPAW, a partner with Agoa, whose mission if to protect the marine biodiversity in the greater Caribbean basin.

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