Two poachers show their regret

Pêche interdite à Pinel | No fishing at Pinel
Pêche interdite à Pinel | No fishing at Pinel

In April 2015, alerted by a witness that two men equipped with harpoon guns were seen off the coast of Pinel, Franck Roncuzzi immediately set out by boat to the spot. There, he discovered three lobsters with holes from arrows but not the gun… and the two poachers denied any wrongdoing. Did the lobsters jump by themselves into the inflatable boat and impale themselves on a harpoon? Aggravating circumstances : one of the two had already been condemned to 20 hours of unpaid work for the Réserve, for having dumped trash on the beach of Grandes Cayes. The fishing gear belonging to these two individuals was seized, and they showed remorse during their questioning at the gendarmerie. At the end of the day they were given a reminder by the judge to respect the interdiction of fishing in Réserve, at the risk of being considered as repeat offenders.

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