Everything you want to know about humpback whales


In order to raise the general public’s awareness about the arrival of the first humpback whales of the season, the Réserve Naturelle organized a week of information sharing about these marine mammals from January 26-29, 2015. A conference at the Sandy Ground Cultural Center on January 28 was the highpoint of the week, led by Laurent Bouveret, president of the Marine Mammal Observatory for the Archipelago of Guadeloupe. This event also comprises the projection of a documentary film about humpback whales and sperm whales, as well as a presentation of the photo identification technique used by the Réserve Naturelle in the waters around the island, which consists of collecting photos of the tail fins of the humpback whales, which serve as unique identification for each animal. The photos can be shared internationally with other image banks to follow the migratory trajectories of these large marine mammals.

Le sanctuaire Agoa pour les mammifères marins dans les Antilles françaises a son site internet. The AGOA Sanctuary for Marine Mammals in the French West Indies has an informational website: www.sanctuaire-agoa.fr.

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