Temporary occupation of land granted by he Conservatoire

Le parking de la résidence Mont Vernon | The parking lot at Mont Vernon Residence
Le parking de la résidence Mont Vernon | The parking lot at Mont Vernon Residence

Most of the sites under the aegis of the Conservatoire du Littoral are clear of any commercial activity, but Saint Martin is the exception to the rule, in the sense that certain structures were already there when the land was attributed to the Conservatoire by the government. Pinel is a prime example. The continued use of these sites was agreed to by the Conservatoire, by way of temporary occupation agreements (AOT), for two restaurants and a boutique, which have agreed to respect the demands of the requirements of the Conservatoire in terms of protecting their environment: limitation of the land surface exploited, integration of structures into the landscape, responsible management of water, energy, and trash. The first three AOT’s are nearing their end, but should be renewed this year. The income provided, as always, will be used to help improve the environment at sites managed by the Conservatoire and the Réserve. At the same time, a new AOT was instituted with the owners’ association for the Mont Vernon residence, whose parking lot encroaches on the perimeter of the Conservatoire. The funds from this will allow for the construction of a bird observatory along the Etang de la Barrière, the best pond on the island in terms of bird watching, as one can often observe more than 1000 birds in just a quarter of an hour. This year, an AOT will be granted for the first time to the Club Orient hotel, as a slice of the beach overlaps with the property of the Conservatoire.

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