Tintamare rodents

Tommy Vallon
Tommy Vallon

A threat to the biodiversity

Tommy Vallon, an intern at the Nature Reserve, has the mission of managing the problem of rodents that were introduced onto Tintamare.
Fond of eggs, whether it’s birds eggs or turtles eggs, these mammals threaten the reproduction of the Brown Noddy, the Tropicbirds and sea turtles - all of which are heritage species.
This problem originates from a rat species and mouse species and our intern is going to initially trap these rodents, without killing them, in order to identify them.
This first step will likely be followed by the control of these species, following a well-defined strategy. 24 Year old, Tommy Vallon is a student at the University of Antilles-Guyane and is undertaking his end of studies internship in Saint-Martin as part of his Professional Masters in Tropical Ecology.

The left-overs from picnics are a source of food for these rodents. Make sure that you take all your waste home with you!

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