Collège Soualiga signs in favor of the environment

Signing of the agreement between Mr. Arlhac and Romain Renoux © St Martin’s Week
Signing of the agreement between Mr. Arlhac and Romain Renoux © St Martin’s Week

After the junior high school in Quartiers d’Orléans and the senior high school, Lycée des Iles du Nord, it was the junior high school:
Collége Soualiga’s, time to sign a partnership agreement with the Nature Reserve.
The signing between the principal, Mr. Arlhac and Romain Renoux, Director of the Reserve, took place on November 27th, 2012.
This agreement is part of the mission for environmental education which brings matters back to the Reserve and is based on five major points:

The organization of conferences at the Collége by representatives of the Reserve.

Students to be accompanied on educational field trips, both on land and at sea, taken within the territories of the Reserve and the Conservatoire du Littoral. 

Student participation in school projects for ecological restoration of habitats, as well as cleaning up of sites. 

Participation of one class towards writing articles for the Reserve’s Newsletter.

Assistance from the Reserve at the swimming area in Galion, in collaboration with the PE teachers.

The first conference was chaired by Romain Renoux on December 21st, and since then the teachers at the junior high know everything there is to know with regards to the role of the Nature Reserve and issues relating to environmental protection on its territory.

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