PAMPA - Statistic tool

Claire Bissery - Biostatistician at the Ifremer in Brest
Claire Bissery - Biostatistician at the Ifremer in Brest

A statistics toolbox for better management

Since the launch of the project PAMPA, the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve has been part of ten pilot sites to have the permission to develop this tool between 2008 and 2011, with the support of the French Initiative for Coral Reefs (Ifrecor).
PAMPA’s main objective was to develop performance indicators of the marine protected areas within the French overseas territories, in order to provide the management bodies with software that would enable them to improve the treatment of all scientific data collected according to their Management Plan.
On December 14th, 2012, Claire Bissery, a biostatistician at the Ifremer in Brest and a permanent follower of the project, came to return the results of this work to the Management Team and Board of Directors.
With the new software, the Reserve is able to account for the progress of various tasks included in its Management Plan.

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