Training of volunteers for the sea turtle network

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Rencontre avec les bénévoles

The volunteers of the sea turtle network regularly accomplish their solitary mission, which consists of finding the tracks of turtles that come to lay eggs on the beaches, and noting signs of their nesting. In order to meet them and introduce them to the activities of the Réserve, as well as help them improve their finding of the tracks, Aude Berger from the Réserve’s scientific department, invited the volunteers to Tintamare, on the beach in Bay Blanche and the lagoon. Twice a week, in August and September, one or two of these volunteers took part and appreciated this special experience, in a great natural setting in the presence of our scientific experts.

Fifteen volunteers from the sea turtle network participated in the night of observation of turtles at Long Bay in Terres Basses on September 13. From sunset until 10:30pm, they all waited under the full moon in vain for even one turtle to come out of the water and lay its eggs.
Meeting with the volunteers
Meeting with the volunteers

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To promote the conservation of the sea turtle population

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