Let’s Protect Nature Together

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Sensibilisation sur le terrain
Sensibilisation sur le terrain

Environmental awareness activities and education are among the priorities of the management plan for the Réserve Naturelle, which has been intensifying its pedagogical involvement in island schools since they recruited Vincent Oliva, the pedagogical program director for the Réserve in charge of environmental education. Cretaed by the Réserve, the pedagogical program «Let’s Project Nature Together” fits perfectly within the objectives of the educational efforts for sustainable development as defined by the Minister of Education, and instituted at schools in the Northern Islands. Vincent Oliva and Aude Berger met with Stéphanie Brouwers, education delegate for sustainable development for the school board, to let her know they are willing to visit the schools, especially Aude Berger on the subject of the LIFE project for the preservation of the Nassau grouper and the giant grouper. The school board has approved the project «Let’s Protect Nature Together,” as presented to school directors on October 15, in the presence of the Réserve Naturelle, which presented its own ideas for the project. Teachers have a choice as to which themes they want to develop in their classrooms, from biodiversity, to fauna, flora, marine ecosystems, natural heritage, and the preservation of the two grouper species. Field interventions are planned, on land and at sea. Concrete activities, for example related with the mangrove nursery, will be implemented. Agreements have already been signed with the Ecole Clair Saint-Maximin (with a CM1 and CM2 class who run their own educative marine site at Galion), the French Quarter middle school, Soualiga middle school, Robert Weinum high school, and the Northern Islands professional high school. Two private schools, Lamartine and Happy School, have also signed agreements, and additional signatures are expected. “Our goal is to intervene in every school on the island,” says Vincent. Teachers.

For additional information, please contact Vincent Oliva via email: reservenat.vincent@yahoo.com

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Ensuring environmental communication, awareness, and education

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