Disastrous consequences of building on beaches

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Une tortue prise au piège
Une tortue prise au piège

Other than the fact that buildings along the edge of the beach stops the development of vegetation to help prevent erosion along the shore, which leads to smaller beaches, construction also represents an obstacle for sea turtles to lay their eggs. On September 15, on a contruction site for a wall between a villa and the beach in Baie Rouge, workers rescued a turtle that had fallen into a deep trench dug for the foundation of the wall. Surveillance cameras caught the event on video and one can see the trapped turtle unable to get out of the trench on its own. Then the video shows the men helping extricate it—with diffuculty— and send it back to the beach. The Réserve Naturelle took advantage of this mishap to point out that sea turtles, as well as their essential habitats essentiels (zones for feeding and reproduction) are protected on a national basis, with the goal of preserving these populations threatened by mankind. These species and their habitats are part of our common heritage and play a role in the economic activity of our island.

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To promote the conservation of the sea turtle population

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