Pollution Doesn’t Pay

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Why bother to take your dumpster full of trash to the eco-site—and pay a modest fee to dispose of it properly—when it’s just as easy to discretely dump it along the route du Galion, in the Réserve Naturelle? But not with complete impunity! Bad luck for the driver of this truck, as a witness wrote down his license number and immediately called the Réserve, which recorded the offense and transmitted its report to the nautical brigade. Papers in the name of the owner were found in the trash, and this person explained that he had asked a local company to empty his apartment in the Residence Belvédère, which had been destroyed by Irma. The owner of the truck and his client had an audience with nautical brigade and the affair was transferred to the public prosecutor. A 3,000€ invoice for the cleanup was attached to the file.

Thank you EME
The agents of the Réserve cleaned up this unauthorized dump with the help of the employees of EME, the company that cleans Galion Beach, as part of an agreement with the Réserve Naturelle, the Conservatoire du Littoral and the Collectivity. Considering the amount of work to do and the lack of civism by certain people, the two days per week that the company dedicated to Galion have been increased to three days based on a decision made by the services of the Collectivity, following repeated requests by those who use the site.

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