Aude Berger Heads LIFE BIODIV’OM Project in Saint Martin

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Aude Berger et Julien chalifour en formation Training for Aude Berger and Julien Chalifour
Aude Berger et Julien chalifour en formation Training for Aude Berger and Julien Chalifour

In January 2019, the Réserve Naturelle hired Aude Berger, who holds a diploma in ocean sciences and techniques and a professional degree in environmental protection from UAG, as head of the LIFE BIODIV’OM project. Her mission is a concerted effort for the conservation of the Nassau grouper and the giant grouper. This means fishermen and others who use the sea, including divers and boat owners, as well as local authorities, will be consulted and have an opportunity to participate in the creation of a conservation program. A socio-economic study was launched and exploratory fishing and diving expeditions will describe the recruitment of young groupers on small coastal seabeds. In addition, an awareness program for students is planned along with the sharing of experiences with the scientific community, thanks to their network. The LIFE project is made possible principally with Europeans funds (60%), as well as national investment, and is the first project of its kind in Saint Martin On January 9-11, Aude met with Delphine Morin, the coordination of the LIFE project for the LPO, who has worked on the field in Saint Martin. Then on January 21-23, she and Julien Chalifour, scientific director of the Réserve, were trained by Florent Bignon and Awatef Abbiah in the use of TESSA, a tool made available by the European Commission to measure the various factors that impact the natural milieu and the consequences on the role that milieu plays on the island.

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