Whales Sing In A World Of Silence

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The autonomous acoustic recorder installed in the waters of the Réserve Naturelle in December 2016 by three American researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and a researcher from the University of Florida, has exceeded the expectations of these scientists. This acoustic instrument deployed at a depth of 16 meters recorded one hour every four hours over 137 days and the recordings reveal the presence of whales singing on 123 of the 137 days in question. Their songs were recorded over the entire period, from the first to the last day, signifying that the presence of these marine mammals was longer than the period of the study. The recordings from late June are the latest ones in the year for all the areas studied. The data also revealed the presence of dolphins. The four scientists were working as part of a project to study humpback whales and other marine mammals called CHAMP, or Caribbean Humpback Acoustic Monitoring Program. Additional results and studies are forthcoming.

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