Cleaning Up Pinel And Tintamare

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In mid-December, the Réserve attacked the cleanup of the small island of Pinel, focusing on an area behind the beach to the south where someone had been squatting for more than 20 years with no right to do so. Thus individual was informed that he could gather his personal affairs within two weeks, as the rest of his installation would be burned down. Irma did not spare Pinel: the pontoon and the shelter for the underwater pathway disappeared, as did one of the shelters on the discovery path, the other was essentially destroyed. The first task is to make the site secure by removing the debris that present a danger to the public. In late December, the Réserve went over to Tintamare, where Irma had blown six wooden tables attached to blocks of concrete to behind the beach, causing them to be damaged. The current thinking is to reconstitute four tables using elements that remain from the six original ones. Le squat parti en fumée The squatter place goes up in flames

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Restoration Of Degraded Areas And Populations

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