La Réserve naturelle de Saint-Martin est une aire marine protégée de 30km2 située au nord-est de l’île de Saint-Martin. Créé en 1998, cet espace préserve les cinq principaux écosystèmes de l’île : récifs coralliens, mangroves, herbiers de phanérogames, étangs et forêt sèche littorale. La Réserve gère également les 14 étangs du Conservatoire du littoral et ses 11 km de rivages terrestres naturels.

The Conservatoire Calls For Proposals

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Gros nettoyage en vue à l’étang de la Barrière Big clean up planned for the Etang de la Barrière
Gros nettoyage en vue à l’étang de la Barrière Big clean up planned for the Etang de la Barrière

If the reconstruction of Saint Martin is advancing with baby steps, the vegetation is rapidly taking over and it is now urgent to cleanup our natural sites before the debris is completely recovered by vines and new growth. To this end, the Conservatoire du Littoral has recently called for proposal for the cleanup work on all such sites in Saint Martin, which will be done under the surveillance of the Réserve Naturelle. This operation will particularly focus on sites along the Route du Galion, the Etang de la Barrière, The Etang de Chevrise, Lucas Bay, the Salines d’Orient, The Etang aux Poissons, and the Etang de l’Anse Marcel. For example, there is a car that must be removed from the Etang de la Barrière and a fishing boat from Lucas pond. Once these efforts are accomplished, it remains to restore the bird observatories destroyed by the hurricane, including the observatory at the Etang du Cimetière de Grand-Case, which was partly destroyed during the stocking of hurricane debris put there by the Collectivity.

Nature Regains Its Rights! In mid-December, the Conservatoire du Littoral hired a Saint Martin company to destroy the refuge for dogs that had been illegally built at Galion and condemned by the court to be demolished. The same company also removed the rubble and remains of the building house sheltering the generator of a restaurant that had been on the site illegally for years and summoned to leave by the Conservatoire.

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