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IFRECOR Activities in Saint Barthélemy

On September 24, 2021, Julien Chalifour met with the local committee of IFRECOR (French Initiative For Coral Reefs) in Saint Barthélemy, wearing two hats; as a scientific expert and as the representative of the local IFRECOR committee in Saint Martin. The aim was to provide an update on the committee’s activities 2021 in Saint Barthélemy—a study on wastewater from the water treatment plant, collaboration with an association working on coral restoration and the replanting of vegetation along beaches, and a general attempt to limit the impact on underwater plant beds and reefs—and to shed light on projects for 2022.

The local IFRECOR committee of Saint Martin is still in its initial structuring phase. In fact, only local elected officials can officially request the creation of such a committee, which has already been unofficially recognized by IFRECOR

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